Development Trend of Bottle Blower Industry in China in the Future


Brand, as the intangible assets of an enterprise, can g […]

Brand, as the intangible assets of an enterprise, can greatly enhance the image of the enterprise in the industry; let the good image of the enterprise and its products be deeply rooted in the minds of consumers; and let the name of the enterprise more honestly obtain high additional profits. At present, China's bottle blowing machine industry lacks leading enterprises and weak brand awareness, which also makes it difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production of products, and even more difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. Who will compete in the future?
Three major problems restrict the development of the industry
Lack of big cake cutters. In China's current economic structure, if any industry wants to be a leader, it is not only simple to make differentiated products, the first five years may be possible, but now it depends on strength. Bottle blowing machine is not a product that enterprises need every day. A machine can be used for several years, and the daily output is amazing, so the demand is relatively small. Nowadays, the biggest domestic enterprise of bottle blowing machine is no more than 500 million. Nobody can undertake such a heavy responsibility. To make industrial cakes bigger, it depends on who "cuts" the cake and "cuts" large portions, so the industry will become bigger.
Local regional competition is excessive. The pattern of bottle blowing machine industry is "vague" from the national point of view, but "clear" from the regional point of view. The clarity in the south is more obvious than that in the north, which is caused by the distribution of container packaging industry. It is precisely in these rare and clear areas that in order to compete for the three-thirds of an acre, the market competition is too fierce. Price war, promotion war and channel war have become a common thing. In the less competitive market, only a few enterprises support the market painstakingly. The contrast between hot and cold days is obvious.
Innovative technology is imminent. As the price of crude oil rises, the price of plastic raw materials rises. Therefore, container manufacturers are trying to reduce the weight of containers in order to save raw materials. And today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, saving energy and reducing pollution have become an important indicator to measure the quality of products. In addition, the safety, quality, speed, cost, scope of application and energy and raw material saving of the machine are all the problems that the bottle blowing machine manufacturers are working hard for. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new products in line with the development of today's industry.
Only by innovating technology can we control the whole situation
As a branch of the plastic machinery market, the bottle blower industry has been moving forward in a low-key manner. After decades of development, China's bottle blowing machine industry has produced many excellent enterprises. Guangzhou Jiaxue Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has independently innovated and developed Jiaxue one-step bottle blowing machine, which has won a reputation in the industry in terms of performance and technology.
In the process of production, the best speed one-step bottle blowing machine proceeds from injection embryo tube, stretch blow moulding and demoulding step by step. It has no flying edge, no nozzle material and few defects. It has perfect mouth, bottom, seam line, more transparent and higher rigidity. Drawing blow moulding products can be thinner than non-stretching blow moulding products, saving about 50% of raw materials, achieving energy-saving, efficient, with excellent cost-effective product characteristics, by the majority of customers in the market.
And after nearly ten years of unremitting efforts and development, JASU one-step bottle blowing machine has won a market reputation, widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. We sincerely invite interested domestic and foreign sales agents of bottle blowing machines to join our team. We will fully respect and protect the rights and interests of agents, and provide perfect technical guidance and after-sales service support.
About Jiasu International Machinery Group
Jiasu International Machinery Group attaches great importance to the joint venture of R&D achievements and social needs. Over the years, Jiasu International Machinery Group has persisted in establishing scientific research and experimental bases in cooperation with South China University of Technology and Guangdong University of Technology. To give full play to the role of research and development institutions in Colleges and universities, bottle blowers, through joint development and design, technology introduction, and cooperative development, have contributed to the transformation of research and development achievements of colleges and universities into products for the social needs of enterprises, and have been vigorously supported by scientific and technological departments in Guangzhou and Panyu District, thus creating benefits for enterprises.
Jiasu Group pays attention to product development and talent cultivation, and establishes its leading technological advantages in the fields of "CNC machine tools, injection-pull-blow hollow forming machines, machine tool functional components, industrial robots", as well as its unique and sustainable competitiveness. Through the collaborative development among member companies and the collaboration of group R&D center, we can provide all-round application solutions for customers. Jiasu emphasizes the long-term mutually beneficial relationship with its partners and insists on providing customers with the best technology and the best quality products and services.