Four Cavities Full Automatic PET Jar Bottle Blowing Machine

Four Cavities Full Automatic PET Jar Bottle Blowing Machine

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Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: Hengmei
Terms of payment and delivery: 30% deposit and 70% after copy shippment documents
Minimum order quantity: 1 set
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Packing details: Pallet
Delivery time: One month
Payment method: Consultation
Port of loading: Ningbo, China
  • Machine Specifications
  • Machine Configurations
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Various Auxiliary Equipments
  • Video Play
  • Outpet up to bottle shape 2300-3000bph Power power voltage

    3Phase  380V/50HZ

    Finished Bottle bottle body diameter 45mm-170mm installed power/actual power 60kw/22kw
    bottle height


    Air Source high pressure air compressor 2.0m³/min 3.0MPa
    bottle neck diameter 55mm-130mm low pressure air compressor 2.0m³/min 1.0MPa
    Mold cavity 4 cavities Cooling Water water yield 15L/min
    mold thickness 200±5mm Blower Dimension length*width*height/weight 4200*2200*1900mm/3700kgs
    Max.stretching distance 600*380mm Preform-loader Dimension length*width*height/weight 2000*500*1300mm/200kgs
  • Electrical components PLC Japan Cylinders preform-feeding enter and exit cylinder TAIWAN AIRTAC
    touch screen Japan Mitsubishi
    relay Germany Schneider bottle-takeout flipping cylinder TAIWAN AIRTAC
    start button Germany Schneider preform-drawing cylinder TAIWAN AIRTAC
    two-position switch Germany Schneider preform-up down cylinder TAIWAN AIRTAC
    scram button Germany Schneider preform-stoping cylinder TAIWAN AIRTAC
    power supply Germany Schneider high pressure blowing valve Japan SMC
    proximity switch Japan Omron Lalves high pressure muffler Japan SMC
    photoelectric switch Japan Omron low pressure muffler YONGCHENG
    Servo motor TAIWAN XINJIE low pressure operating valve TAIWAN AIRTAC
    chain transmission TAIWAN XINJIE low pressure press-regulating valve TAIWAN AIRTAC
  • 1. High pressure Elida combined air compressor
    Specification Model: CWM-2.0/30-YQ
    Power: 22kw
    Speed: 620r/min
    Exhaust volume: 2.0m³/min
    Rated working pressure: 3.0Mpa
    Equipment weight: 600kg
    Dimensions: 1900mm × 930mm × 1230mm


    2. High pressure gas storage tank
    Specification Model: 1.0/30
    Volume: 1.0m³
    Rated working pressure: 3.0Mpa
    Net weight of equipment: 590kg
    Dimensions: 800*2400mm


    3. A total of 2 filters are required: necessary configuration
    Specification Model: KL-70G(2.0/30-40)
    Rated treatment gas volume: 2.6m³/min
    Rated working pressure: 3.0Mpa
    Working temperature: ≤5-56℃
    Net weight of equipment: 20kg
    Dimensions: 660*300mm


    4. Dryer
    Specification model: 20NF
    Rated treatment gas volume: 2.6m³/min
    Rated working pressure: 3.0Mpa
    Intake air temperature: ≤80℃
    Compressor power: 0.73HP
    Cooling method: air cooling
    Net weight of equipment: 65
    Dimensions: 630mm*420mm*800mm


    5. Chiller
    Specification Model: AC05
    Compressor power: 3HP
    Cooling capacity: 11180kcai/h
    Total equipment power: 3.75KW
    Power supply voltage: 380V/3P  50HZ
    Control method: Microcomputer digital display temperature controller
    Outlet water temperature: 5-20 °C
    Freezing water pump power: 0.75KW
    Chilled water flow: 2.9T/h
    Refrigerated water pipe: DN40
    Fan power: 2 × 180KW
    Weight: 195KG

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