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We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce according to your requirements.


We have our own machining factory, so we can offer the PET bottle blowing machine directly.


Our annual production capacity is over 10,000 pieces, meeting the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.


We have a strict quality control system, with an advanced testing lab.

Professional Team

We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce injection mold as customers offered.


Our products are rich and varied, including PET bottle blowing molding machine.


We focus on developing high-quality injection molds for top-end markets.


We are close to the Shanghai port and the Ningbo Port it's easy to transportation.

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Taizhou Huangyan Hengmei Plastic Machinery Factory is a modern

China PET bottle blowing molding machine manufacturers and injection mold factory

, which specializing in the production of PET bottle blowing machine and injection mold. If you know us earlier, you will find that you can reduce a lot of unnecessary investment costs. If you know us earlier, you will find that we can make more money faster.

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The product production line is advanced and complete, ensuring the ability to deliver products on time.

Complete product variety and specifications: Full automatic PET bottle blowing machine, wide mouth container blowing machine, plastic bottle blowing mold, plastic bottle blowing mold, injection mold

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28.03.2020 News, Industry News

Relationship between preform storage time and blowing effect

PET bottles are very common in life, such as beverage packaging bottles. The blowing equipment used for blowing PET bottles can be generally divided i...

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20.03.2020 News, Industry News

Two-step PET preform temperature adjustment

The two-step PET preform and blowing process are relatively independent, and the preform can be transported and stored. Therefore, after a period of s...

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14.03.2020 News, Industry News

Storage conditions for PET hot-fill bottles

Because PET has hygroscopic properties, during the placement process of blow-molded PET hot-filled bottles, it will absorb moisture in the air and aff...

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06.03.2020 News, Industry News

Physical and mechanical properties of PET hot-fill bottles

How to adjust the volume of PET hot filling bottles When this happens, there are the following adjustment methods: (1) Modify a single blow mold or re...

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28.02.2020 News, Industry News

Method for adjusting full-mouth capacity of PET hot-fill bottles

Bottle full mouth capacity The full capacity of PET hot-filled bottles will affect the thermal deformation of the PET hot-filled bottles of the produc...

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22.02.2020 News, Industry News

Requirements of PET bottles for hot filling process

The hot-filling process is mature and the product risk is low. The requirements for PET bottles are mainly reflected in: 1. The center temperature of ...

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18.02.2020 News, Industry News

Brief introduction to the process of PET hot filling bottle

PET hot-filled bottles are molded under high blowing pressure (above 33bar) and high mold temperature (above 120 ° C). The bottle has a high crystalli...

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10.02.2020 News, Industry News

Modern bottle making machine is developing in the direction of light weight

The temperature control of the material channel is very important. The temperature of the material channel changes by 1 ℃, and the weight of the mater...

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20.01.2020 News, Industry News

The buffering control for the opening of the initial mold

Operation and adjustment of the mechanism 1 The timing of mold opening and closing is controlled by the relative electronic timing position of the rel...

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10.01.2020 News, Industry News

Lubrication system for switch mechanism of prototype mold and forming mold

The lubrication system of the switch mechanism of the initial mold and the mold is divided into two parts. Lubrication of the link mechanism: There is...

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